'The greatest and most tangible gift you can receive... photographs. They are precious family heirlooms that transcend everything with their lasting value'

Documentary style photography


Documentary Photography. What does it mean

Basically, photography in a documentary style is about capturing what is actually happening without any interaction whatsoever. It's authentic and wonderfully revealing. The emotion on the faces of the bride's parents in this picture is real because they were unaware of my presence and my mission is to keep that authenticity of the moment in the image. My job is to anticipate what is about to happen instead of trying to direct or stage anything. Only then is it truly documentary. 


Family Group Photos

Ok, so having said all that about the importance of un-staged candid  photography, I accept that although most people say they want natural photographs, they may well be disappointed if they don't get a few slightly more formal pictures of their family and friends. That's fine by me, however, I promise I won't take ages setting them up and bossing people around. Instead your group photos will be fun and interactive and as relaxed as possible. They will be done before you know it so that I can carry on mingling and capturing what's really going on.  


Albums and Products

The best quality albums and products from carefully selected suppliers. 

The Preshoot

The preshoot is a really good way for us to get to know each other a bit more and settle any pre wedding photographic nerves. There are a few people who love the camera which is great but most of us run a mile whenever we see one so what better way to get used to it. It really makes a difference and it's fun and you get to keep the photos. Take a look at some examples on my galleries page.