My Wedding photography

Here are  a selection of images I have taken at various weddings. Like most photographers I've always thought it a good idea to show off my best work but I've decided that instead of just displaying a few jackpot images I would show you a wider selection of images that shows an honest example of what I deliver to my clients. They show what you're likely to get from me and depict the way I work and what I see through my lens. I usually provide my clients with a final edited set of 400-500 photographs


Pre-wedding/Engagement shoot

All my clients are offered a pre-wedding photoshoot. Many people say that they don’t like being photographed and they feel awkward so I have found that spending some time shooting a few pictures and having a bit of fun can be a great help. We go to the park or the beach or anywhere we choose. Just the two of you or bring the family if you like. We walk and talk and I take photographs. The result is that on the wedding day we all feel like we already know each other and hopefully that makes everything easier and more relaxed. As a bonus the clients get some personal pictures to keep.  Here are a few examples. wedding photography


The Wedding Album

After the wedding, and when you've chosen your favourite images, I would love to design an album for you. Here are a few examples of how it might look.  I use only the best suppliers, currently Loxley Colour and Sim Imaging.  Both are British companies and produce the finest products anywhere in the world.