Charlotte & Ben

These images are from a recent wedding and it is my Featured Wedding for 2019. It was shot in Central London with Charlotte preparing early in the morning at the fabulous Rosewood Hotel in Holborn. From there it was a dash across London to Marylebone Old Town Hall for an 11.00am ceremony. From there all the guests were transported back across town in a luxury coach for a reception at Hawksmoor in Spitalfields which was amazing. We then all walked the short distance to the fantastic Phoenix Pub right in the heart of the City of London which is normally closed at weekends but was opened and set up especially for Charlotte & Ben's evening reception. At some point in the proceedings we jumped in a black cab, just the 3 of us, and went to Tower Bridge where we were dropped off at the side of the road and somehow we managed to get over the barrier, stop the traffic for a 30 second walk down the middle of the road to get the  jackpot shot we wanted, and by the time the taxi driver had turned round on the other side of the river and come back for us, we were done and we jumped back in and were gone leaving the tourists all looking a bit confused amidst a few cheers. In our pre-wedding consultations Charlotte & Ben had specifically said that they wanted a set of images that included lots of urban street photography which I love doing anyway which gave me the chance to put together a body of work that I'm really proud of and I hope they love too.